Reviewing Entrepreneurship Education Projects and their Impact

Anne Gustafsson-Pesonen


Entrepreneurship education (EE) has often been evaluated from the perspective of students
and teachers. Not many studies have been conducted from the perspective of convergent EE
path models and broad target groups. It has been understood that the systematic evaluation
of entrepreneurship education is still missing. The aim of this article is to review
entrepreneurship education projects and their impact based on Gibb’s entrepreneurship
education framework including entrepreneurial behaviours, attributes and skills (BAS)
using a large questionnaire survey, interviews and workshops with project participants.
Based on a broad target group and extensive data, recommendations are made for EE from
the perspective of the target groups and an EE path for all school levels, and for teacher
training. The article contributes also to providing a methodology for the systematic
evaluation of EE based on the BAS framework.
JEL classification code: I23, L26; M53
Keywords: Entrepreneurship education, evaluation, entrepreneurial pedagogy, levels of education

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