How Entrepreneurial is the University? A Case of the University of Technology

Karen Voolaid, Üllas Ehrlich, Marianne Kallaste


In a highly uncertain and unpredictable environment for higher education, the concept of
an entrepreneurial university can be seen as an organisational response to external challenges
and pressures and it is necessary to assess the capabilities of universities for meeting
these challenges. An online self-assessment tool, HEInnovate, is used as a guiding framework
for the entrepreneurial university, which enables universities to evaluate different components
of their entrepreneurial capacity and creates the basis for the development of an
entrepreneurial university.
This paper therefore seeks to find out how entrepreneurial a university is based on one
university of technology and find out where the university development strategies have
opportunities for further development. The results of the survey showed that all indicators
received above average ratings indicating that the activities of the university in all areas are
targeted at supporting entrepreneurship. The research contributes to highlighting the
differences and similarities in the opinions of different groups of staff on the basis of position,
gender and faculty in regard to the future development towards an entrepreneurial university.
JEL classification codes: H75, I23, M51
Keywords: entrepreneurial university, HEInnovate tool, self-assessment, staff groups, faculties

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