Entrepreneurial Training Intervention: The Case of the Creative Industries and Community Entrepreneurship

Mervi Raudsaar, Kärt Summatavet


The Estonian economy is at a stage where the ability to create and sell higher value-added
products and services is becoming increasingly important. Different creative methods
within the local culture create a new understanding of economic activity as a competitive
advantage for the whole community. It is crucial to understand the role of a learning process
to help trainees find attractive ideas for new ventures, and what useful aspects of experiential
learning theory can be implemented in entrepreneurial teaching in the field of the creative
industries and community entrepreneurship. The research uses a case-study strategy and
semi-structured interviews to analyse key factors of the venture creation process of creative
and community entrepreneurs who focus on their personal experience, skills, capabilities
and motivation. Synergy and integration are crucial elements of the experiential learning
and sustainable venture creation process.
JEL classification codes:
Keywords: creative industries, culture, community entrepreneurship, Handicraft for Job 2, entrepreneurship
teaching, product development, Entrepreneurship Home®

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