Developing a Design Management Model for Innovating SMEs in the Context of Regional Smart Specialisation

Laima Gerlitz


The research paper presents the development of a design management model for SMEs based on the implementation of a design intervention programme. Using two regional SME cases and applying a process-based design intervention, the challenges of the SMEs are addressed and reduced in a more ecient and eective way. erefore, new strategic perspectives for organisational change, innovation and competitive strength can be recognised. e integration and comparison of two SMEs facilitates the inductive implications for the delineation of a design management model and reduces the potential for controversy. The proposed model implies both theoretical and practical contributions: contributing to design management literature on SMEs and suggesting a practice-based process model for SMEs in improving their performance. is model expands the potential of design integration in SMEs and may motivate SMEs to participate in design support programmes to improve performance. Sustainable aspects of the model are subject to future research.

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