International Knowledge Transfer from University to Industry: A Systematic Literature Review

Madhav Govind, Merle Küttim


International knowledge transfer contributes to the competitiveness of enterprises and regions, to the ranking of universities, and to solving common global problems. Based on a systematic literature review, the main purpose of the current study is to explore the channels, motivations, activities and outcomes, and inuencing factors of university to industry international knowledge transfer (U-I IKT), and understand how the concept is related to the internationalisation of R&D, innovation systems and higher education. The paper contributes to the existing body of knowledge by creating an integrated framework for understanding U-I IKT. It proposes that U-I IKT can be conceptualised on the basis of two dimensions – on the one hand, as an activity that has distinct channels, motivations, activities and outcomes, and inuencing factors. On the other hand, U-I IKT can be seen as a stream of research on its own right, albeit overlapping with other areas of the internationalisation of knowledge transfer, namely the internationalisation of innovation systems, firm R&D activities and higher education institutions.

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