Designing a Business Service experience: Customer's Perspective on Value Co-creation

Jana Kukk, Anu Leppiman, Anneli Pohjola


Research on value creation in knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS) has grown in recent years. The problem-solving nature of KIBS often results in a situation where a service is delivered under the conditions of information asymmetry between buyer and seller, which successively influences value formation in KIBS.

This paper provides an overview of the results of our empirical research in the field of service design, specifically focusing on value co-creation in KIBS. While scholarship in the field reveals a great deal of interest in the concept of value creation, the existing body of knowledge on service-dominant logic lacks empirical data on value co-creation, and therefore, does not provide adequate practical advice or insights for service designers. This study addresses this gap in the research and aims to identify the key elements of the value formation process in business services.

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